Published: 27-02-2017

Data analysis and remarketing in retail – how does Cluify platform work?

Cluify is an analytical and remarketing platform allowing measurement and analysis of behaviors of customers of on-site stores and, based...

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Published: 31-05-2017
Author: Cluify Category:
How to increase traffic in e-commerce

Acquire new customers based on their behaviors in the real world – Cluify now available for e-commerce too!

Advertisement addressed to appropriate target group, supplemented with personalized content, is the basis for acquisition of new customers both in traditional trade and in e-commerce. Creation of context advertisements based on the behaviors of internet users in online websites (the so-called remarketing) is commonly known and used by e-marketers on a daily basis. In Cluify, we make a step forward - offering access to knowledge of the customers of particular stationary sites, brands are able to create advertisements not only based on the internet behaviors, but also based on behaviors in the real world.(more…)
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