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Data analysis and remarketing in retail – how does Cluify platform work?

Cluify is an analytical and remarketing platform allowing measurement and analysis of behaviors of customers of on-site stores and, based on it, reaching them with a contextual mobile message. Such messages may be sent to the recipients while they are still in the store or once they have left it.


Cluify technology


Cluify relies on 3 basic elements:


  • customer traffic measurement in an on-site store;
  • analysis of customer behaviors;
  • mobile communication with the target group.


The starting point for these activities is a combination of beacon and Wi-Fi technologies. Small beacon transmitters and Wi-Fi communicate with a smartphone app of a person present within certain space. In the former case, communication takes place via Bluetooth signal, in the latter – via a Wi-Fi network sensor switched on in the phone. This allows you to know the customer traffic and reach them with a contextual advertising message.




Cluify - in-store analytics and remarketing for retail


Being a Cluify user, you get access to the analytical panel through a web browser, where details of in-store customer behaviors are shown on an interactive dashboard.


Cluify works fully in SaaS model, therefore a web browser and Internet access are enough to effectively use the platform’s capabilities.


Acquiring information on customer traffic in an on-site store is effected through SDK Cluify software, integrated with any mobile app on phones with Android system. SDK “scans” the surroundings in search of signal transmitted by beacons or Wi-Fi installed in the store, and when it captures them, it forwards the data to Cluify database.

Algorithms interpret the acquired data, and the results of the analyses make it possible to present statistical information on customer behaviors in the store or in particular section thereof.


Measurement and analysis of in-store customer behaviors


The data on customer traffic in an on-site store can be seen in the Cluify panel in the form of:


  • statistics;
  • charts;
  • “heat map”, showing the store’s most and least popular sections.


Thanks to beacons and Wi-Fi you get to know in-store customer behaviors.


Therefore, you will know:


  • how many customers visited your store;
  • how many of those who were inside approached the cash desk;
  • how much time customers spent in particular zone;
  • how many customers re-visited your store.




The beacon signal allows precise locating of customer’s position in particular zone of the store, so you are able to know the interests of the target group.


Analytics and remarketing Cluify platform

Panel of Cluify analytical and remarketing platform (store view)


How to use the data from Cluify?


Thanks to the acquired information on the target group, you are able to optimize the space and display in terms of increase of sales and customer convenience. Knowing the most and least popular products, you can freely manage the distribution of the most profitable groups of goods within the store.



The analysis of offline customer behaviors gives you the opportunity to know the frequency of visits and interests of buyers, so you can create more accurate advertising messages. Cluify will help you determine appropriate group of recipients, design a promotional offer adjusted to their needs and send it directly to a customer’s smartphone. Such personalized promotional messages are a simple way to increase customers’ loyalty and involvement, and thus to growth of traffic and sales.


Mobile communication with customers


Cluify not only provides measurement and analysis of in-store customers behaviors but it first and foremost allows utilization of data on consumer preferences for the purpose of implementation of effective promotional actions. With Cluify, you can run effective mobile campaigns, thanks to which your offer will be displayed on the recipient’s phone either during his/her visit or later.




Mobile communication with store customers


With Cluify you can communicate with your recipients also in the sales point, sending “push” mobile notices or ads to their mobile devices (they will pop up on their screens) through Google Display Network.


As Statista portal had forecast for 2016, beacon related messages contributed to generation of over 40 billion dollars of sales in US retail trade.


Mobile communication with customers in an on-site store is of particular value in the context of sales stimulation. Using suitable messages related to the buyer’s whereabouts and preferences has significant effect on the success of advertising campaigns and on positive shopping decisions made by consumers.


80% of shopping decisions are made in the place of selling.


As part of the solution applied in the Cluify service, you have access to directing messages to your customers’ mobile devices based on their behaviors in the sales point. Mobile communication can be used, among other things, for:


  • sending welcome notices to customers’ smartphones;
  • improving the work of loyalty programs and automation thereof;
  • notifying about latest promotions and discount actions;
  • reaching on-site store customers with vouchers to be used directly from a smartphone screen;
  • sending information messages regarding e.g. the way of moving withing particular commercial space.


Increase traffic and sell more


The major benefits of using the analytical and remarketing platform include:


  • better understanding of customer needs, due to knowing the details of their movements within an on-site store;
  • personalized, contextual marketing communication with the store’s customers (message reaches the customers’ mobile devices);
  • increase of customer loyalty and sales through adjustment of the offer and marketing messages to the actual needs and preferences of customers.


Have you become interested in how Cluify works? Check the free demo and see how the measurement of customer behaviors in on-site stores looks in practice.



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