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Acquire new customers based on their behaviors in the real world – Cluify now available for e-commerce too!

Advertisement addressed to appropriate target group, supplemented with personalized content, is the basis for acquisition of new customers both in traditional trade and in e-commerce. Creation of context advertisements based on the behaviors of internet users in online websites (the so-called remarketing) is commonly known and used by e-marketers on a daily basis. In Cluify, we make a step forward – offering access to knowledge of the customers of particular stationary sites, brands are able to create advertisements not only based on the internet behaviors, but also based on behaviors in the real world.


How to use offline remarketing in e-commerce?


Offline remarketing is a completely new channel of marketing communication. When used properly, it can efficiently increase traffic in a shop, create involvement of consumers and, as a result, significantly increase sales.


By logging in to the Cluify panel, you get access to the map enabling selection of places where your brand’s target group is likely to be present.




The possibility of selection of the recipients group – reach the potential customers


How to select the area with the largest potential for your shop? Cluify enables selection of any place on the map of Poland, where you want to collect the data on persons who visit them. As a result you can reach:


  • customers of the competitive stationary shops;
  • inhabitants of particular housing estate;
  • employees of the nearby business park;
  • all the other places the visitors of which are your target group.


increase traffic in e-commerce


Selection of the place depends only on the campaign goals and target group of your brand.


After selecting the location and determining the time interval which the data should concern, you download the ready Advertisement ID list of people who visited the given location within that time.


AD ID is a unique advertisement code assigned to a smartphone user by Google Play, which allows sending a mobile advertisement to him/her.


Now you can start the creation of advertisement campaigns with the use of well-known advertisement tools, such as AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and other advertisement networks which allow creating customized groups of recipients based on AD ID lists.




Cluify for e-commerce


Targeting based on geo-localization – how to start?


Cluify for e-commerce:


  1.    Create an account at
  2.    Select and mark the places on the map from which you want to download the mobile AD ID list
  3.    Determine your time interval
  4.    Download the ready AD ID list and start creating your first online advertisements based on the behaviors of consumers in the real world!


Offline remarketing – benefits for e-commerce
Thanks to Cluify you acquire the data on consumer traffic in specific physical locations. As a result you are able to create campaigns addressed to completely new target groups, enriching the hitherto omnichannel strategy.


New channel of marketing communication for e-commerce your advertisement reach the target group of the brand specified based on the group’s behaviors in the real world.


Thanks to using the data downloaded from Cluify:


  •   Your brand’s internet advertisement reach the selected groups of offline consumers;
  •   You increase the traffic on your website;
  •   You acquire new customers and stimulate the value of the sales basket;
  •   You build the brand awareness;
  •   You strengthen the consumer involvement.




Offline blends with online – Cluify supports omnichannel                                                                                                                                  

Knowing the behaviors of the customers of stationary sites allows even greater merging of the offline and online world. Sellers are more and more often using multiple channels of marketing communication to effectively reach the recipients and acquire new customers. Retailers are opening online shops, and e-commerce is supplementing its activity with stationary sites. In Cluify, we believe that the bridge connecting these two worlds, which contributes to blurring of the boundaries between them, are new technologies. Thanks to them, we can help e-marketers to integrate their previous activities with the activities of the consumers in the real world and reach completely new groups of customers. All that in order to implement the most important goals for the entire retail industry – to acquire new customers and efficiently increase their loyalty.


cluify acquisition of Customer from oflline

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