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How to target ads to people who visited your stationary store?

So far the solutions allowing targeting of ads to customers according to their behaviors, were based on Internet traffic only. Today, companies may use tools which are able to address promotional contents to consumers according to their activity in stationary stores.


Targeting of ads to customers who visited a stationary sales point – see how it works


Beacons or the Wi-Fi technology deployed in a stationary store, together with an integrated data analysis system, enable measurement of offline user traffic and collection of statistical data on user behaviors. This lets you know and analyze:


  • how consumers use the space of your store or service outlet;
  • how much time they spend inside;
  • how many of those who entered your store did some shopping;
  • how many customers re-visited your store.


Together with the above pieces information you get the Advertisement ID list which will allow you to address a mobile ad to particular segment of offline customers.


Cluify is a solution enabling offline-mobile remarketing, i.e. targeting mobile ads based on actual user behavior in the real world.




How to use the Advertisement ID list of your stationary store customers?


We recommend using the Advertisement ID list of your stationary store customers which provides mobile marketing campaigns based on contextual ad content. With the information on previous behaviors of customers within your store you are able to create messages that will best reflect their actual needs and interests.

Personalization of marketing content and choosing the right communication channel is currently one of the most frequently advised methods to achieve measurable benefits from the promotional campaigns run. It allows not only effective communication with the customer, but also reaching a high return on investment (ROI) in the marketing activities.

The tools that enable implementation of campaigns involving the Advertisement ID list of customers who visited your stationary store, are:


  • display ads in the Google Display Network;
  • display ads through Facebook advertising tools;
  • affiliate programs.


Why mobile


Due to the fact that ad blockers for mobile devices are not very popular, this channel is currently the most effective way of reaching the consumers.


According to forecasts by Deloitte, only 0.3% of mobile device users used ad blockers on their smartphones or tablets by the end of 2016.


Another reason is the time Internet users spend on their mobile devices – more than 50% of them use mobile devices to search for information, and 91% of Facebook users browse through it on smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, Internet users spend as much as 90% of their media time on mobile apps (according to Smart Insight “Digital Marketing Trends for 2017” report).




Using the mobile channel in your marketing activities will allow you to reach the customers with a commercial content while they are inside the store to stimulate their shopping decisions in real time.


What does it look like in practice


  1. We deploy beacons in your store or utilize the Wi-Fi technology, if available;
  2. A customer with a smartphone application, in which we put a Cluify SDK code, visits your sales point;
  3. Through communication of beacons or Wi-Fi with the customer’s smartphone app we measure his/her traffic within the store. Based on actual choices made by customers in your store we divide them into alike groups (segmentation). Along with the analysis of behaviors of your customers, we provide you with the Advertisement ID list of persons who visited your store.


Remarketing offline-mobile Cluify




Why is it worth targeting ads per customer behaviors in stationary stores?


  • You stimulate the value of the customer’s shopping while he/she is in the store – contextual messages contribute to increase of sales – 80% of shopping decisions are made in the store (POPAI);
  • You respond to the needs of the customers who want personalized offers – 7 out of 10 consumers are willing to agree to their in-store movements being tracked, in exchange for receiving messages that are adjusted to their preferences (Walker Sands);
  • You offer a competitive shopping experience.


From now on you can address ads per actual choices of your customers. Check out how to do it with Cluify!


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