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Knowing the behavior of consumers carries a colossal business advantage. Especially when it comes to online ads. When planning campaigns do not focus on the things your clients do online. Concentrate on real-life behavior and boost the traffic in your store.

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New technology, more effective advertising

We use mobile device WiFi activity and the unique Ad Identificator (AdID) to analyze consumer behavior. This gives us knowledge about the places they visit in the real world and the frequency of their visits. Our technology enables creating precise target groups fitted with our clients’ business. Cluify ads boast up to 3 times higher conversion rates than standard online ads.

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Proven solutions in a new form

Cluify ads make use of the most popular online advertising networks - Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Combining their potential with offline-activity-based targeting, we grant access to totally new client groups. Cluify will work as an independent marketing tool, as well as an element of a broader, multichannel campaign.

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All you need to use Cluify is a computer or tablet with internet access. Send your ads to smartphones of your potential clients - without the help of an agency, graphic designer or copywriter.

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Precise offline analytics

Cluify is the only tool on the market to deliver offline conversion tracking. During your campaign you can check how many ad recipients opened the doors to your store. Our analytical panel will tell you how many visitors were new clients and how many returned to your location.

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Why Cluify?


Specify your target group easily

based on their real needs, not online declarations. According to your strategy and your business realities.


You know the price before you start

and, on finishing, you get a full analysis of the ads effectiveness and of the customers who visited your shop.


Aim precisely

at smartphones of people you care about the most. Remember, over 50% of Polish Internet users surf the web on their mobile phones.

They trusted us

Our clients

„With Cluify we could have an equal battle with large competitors and present our offer to people who visit their clubs or work near ours. I would definitely recommend to check out Cluify's potential!”

Marcin Kasperski CrossFit Black Star

„Cluify campaign was our first attempt at online marketing. As it turned out, dentistry can also successfully look for new clients this way.”

Ewa Burnita Ptak CITY DENT

„If you want to target people visiting particular places, Cluify is just perfect for you. In our case, Cluify was a great tool to introduce clients shopping at grocery stores "Piotr and Pawel" to the variety of our beers.”

Łukasz Lis Doctor Brew

„Conversion of offline customers to online visitors is an important point in our strategy for 2018, and Cluify is a key element of its realization.”

Joanna Wesołowska Netto Polska
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