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your potential customers visit. We will display your ad to those visitors and, this way, reach precisely the people most willing to buy your product.

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to smartphones, because they generate 50% of internet traffic. Cluify uses the potential of mobility and the largest advertising platform - Google Display Network.

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Only Cluify provides tracking offline conversions. We know exactly how many ad recipients showed up at your place.

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Why Cluify?


Specify your target group easily

based on their real needs, not online declarations. According to your strategy and your business realities.


You know the price before you start

and, on finishing, you get a full analysis of the ads effectiveness and of the customers who visited your shop.


Aim precisely

at smartphones of people you care about the most. Remember, over 50% of Polish Internet users surf the web on their mobile phones.

Determine how many clients you want to get and how long your campaign should last, and see how much you will pay

guy 140

The number of people to visit your shop after receiving the ad

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Ads display time

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The cost of acquiring the set number of potential customers

Log in to the Cluify Panel and set the parameters of your campaign.

Our clients

„With Cluify we could have an equal battle with large competitors and present our offer to people who visit their clubs or work near ours. I would definitely recommend to check out Cluify's potential!”

Marcin Kasperski CrossFit Black Star

„Cluify campaign was our first attempt at online marketing. As it turned out, dentistry can also successfully look for new clients this way.”

Ewa Burnita Ptak CITY DENT

„We selected our ads target with 3 clicks and started a campaign. We didnt have to pay to a graphic designer to make our banner ads, or think of slogans ourselves. Cluify took care of all of that. Would definitely recommend!”

Jarosław Szponer Pochlebna

„Conversion of offline customers to online visitors is an important point in our strategy for 2018, and Cluify is a key element of its realization.”

Joanna Wesołowska Netto Polska
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